Interactive Visual Queue is a Contact Center Client real-time monitor that enables supervisors to both monitor and control the content in contact center queues. With Interactive Visual Queue monitors open, supervisors can monitor the contents of queues and queue groups, easily move contacts between queues, assign contacts to agents, and proactively remove unwanted contacts from the queues.

Interactive Visual Queue includes a Queued media grid and an Abandoned media grid. In the Queued media grid, supervisors and agents can view calls within queues and then use a drag-and-drop operation to move calls from busy queues to less active queues. In the Abandoned media grid, supervisors can view abandoned call information, including the caller name, phone number, and time of the abandoned call. Agents can use the Abandoned media grid to call back abandoned callers.

Ring Groups are not supported with Interactive Visual Queue and any queue groups displayed in Interactive Visual Queue will not display calls in the Ring Group queues.

The following sections explain how to use Interactive Visual Queue to monitor call activity, redirect calls, manage abandoned calls, configure alarms, and view callback information.