To modify a phone key profile, follow these steps:

  1. Expand Company Settings in the left menu.
  2. Click Phone Key Profiles.
  3. Click the Profile Name that you want to edit. 
  4. Modify the Profile Name if required.
  5. Modify the Membership list if required. See Assign a Phone Key Profile to a User or Location.

If you have made changes in steps 3 or 5, click Save before moving to step 6.

      6. Select the phone model from the Phone Name drop-down list.

      7. Click the button for the memory key that you want to edit.

The system displays the Phone Key Profile Details page.

      8. Make changes in the following fields as appropriate: See Phone Key Configuration Options for Profiles.

    • Feature: Select the feature to be programmed.
    • Locked: To prevent a user from changing the selected memory key configuration, select this check box.
    • Label: Type in a description. If no description is typed the system default will be applied.
    • Details: Select from a drop-down list or type in the required number without any spaces or characters. Not all features require this field.

Please note: You should lock the Line Appearance configurations in the phone key profile. Line Appearances are required to make and receive phone calls.

     9. Click Save to save changes to the Key. 

     10. Click Save again to save changes made to the profile.

Your phone key profile is updated.

Repeat steps 7-10 for each memory key to be programmed.

You can assign users to the new profile if you choose. See Assign a Phone Key Profile to a User or Location.