Video Calls


A video call includes a phone call and video broadcast between one or more participants. If you have a video camera and are licensed to use the Video call feature, you can participate in video calls.

To participate in video calls you must configure your video presence for each of your Dynamic Statuses.

Call control is provided through the Call window, and video is controlled through the Video window.

The picture below shows the Video Window.

The Video window includes video broadcast views for all participants including yourself. The View drop down menu provides following functional elements:

  • Local Video: Shows or hides your local view within the Video window.

  • Participant Names: Shows or hides the corresponding participant's view in the Video window.

  • Auto-Minimize Local Video: Minimizes or maximizes your local view in the Video window.

The video buttons are shown in your view and allow you to control the video broadcast as follows:

  Broadcast Video

  • When you are ready to broadcast, click  and the image from your camera is broadcast to the attendees.
  • The button changes to  so you can pause your video broadcast.

 Stop Broadcast

Click to end the video broadcast but keep the Video tab open.

 Preview Video

When you start a video, the Video window is black until you click and initialize your camera. If your camera is properly installed, the video broadcast will start. Preview allows you to make adjustments to the camera before you broadcast to attendees.

 Video Capture Options

  • Camera: Set the input for your video. Camera will broadcast your view in the Video window.

  • AVI Player: Set the input for your video. AVI Player allows you to browse to a file on your computer and broadcast it in the Video window.

 Please note: When you select an .avi file to play, only the video portion is broadcast (not the audio from the file).

    • Settings: Allows you to select and adjust the video quality and video related options.

    • File: When AVI Player is set, you can browse to and select an .avi file to broadcast.

    • Repeat or Single Play: When AVI Player is set, you can play the video continuously or play it only one time.


Allows you to capture the video screen content and save it as a bitmap file to a location that you specify.


Allows you to hide the video screen of the selected attendee from your Video window only.


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