User installation permissions

Installing MiCollab Client requires administrator permissions on the user’s computer. In Windows 8/10, the user is prompted to provide User Account Control credentials (standard user) or confirmation (administrator) to install the client. Running the client does not require administrative privileges.

All data files that are modified (logs, config, contact database, recorded calls, etc.) when settings are updated (call forwarding profile, startup mode, etc.) are located in the following folder:

  • Windows 8 & Windows 10: C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Mitel\UC

Client firewalls

A client computer that uses a firewall, such as Windows Firewall or a third-party firewall, must specify MiCollab Client.exe and UCASoftphoneManager.exe as exceptions in the firewall's configuration settings. This allows UCA.exe and UCASoftphoneManager.exe to accept network traffic through the firewall. The MiCollab Client client installer adds these exceptions automatically.

Microsoft.NET framework

The MiCollab Windows Desktop Client requires the installation of the Microsoft.NET Framework prior to installing the MiCollab Windows Desktop Client. When the user attempts to install the MiCollab Windows Desktop Client, if the NET framework is not detected, he or she will be prompted to download and install it. After the user installs the .NET framework, he or she will need to restart the MiCollab Windows Desktop Client installation. You can download the Microsoft.NET Framework v4.5 from the Microsoft Web site (


Due to the single tenant architecture of UniVoIP's Enterprise Edition, each customer will have their own unique URL to download the MiCollab Desktop Client.  See your Welcome Email (sent to each user) for the correct URL to use.  The Welcome Email will also include the Username for you to use.  A second email sent right after the Welcome Email will contain your Password.

You will need Administrator Permissions to your desktop computer in order to install the MiCollab Desktop Client.

The MiCollab Client installs just like any other program.

  1. Download the installation file from the link in your Welcome Email
  2. Double Click the downloaded file to start the installation
  3. Click "Yes" or "OK" or "I Agree" to all Pop Ups so the program is allowed to install
    1. of course you should read the Terms and Conditions like I'm sure you always do
  4. Launch the program
  5. Log In
    1. your Welcome Email has your Username
    2. the email that followed the Welcome Email has your Password

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