Not Connected!

If after you have configured One Click Calling, the system returns Not Connected!

  • Ensure you have entered your credentials properly. If you improperly enter credentials three times, the system locks you out.

Number is Improperly Captured

If the number you want to dial is improperly captured

  • Edit the number before you click Call.

Debugging & Logging Support

Always-on logging has been added to aid in identification of the source of potential problems.  Two levels of logging are supported: Basic and Debug. At installation time, Basic logging is enabled by default.  When the settings dialog is visible, the key sequence Ctrl+Shift+L can be used to toggle between basic logging and debug logging.

A timestamped weekly log file is created at first start-up.  A new weekly log file will be created at launch time if the current date is 7 or more days later. Log files older than 90 days will be deleted automatically at next launch.

Logs are stored at C:\One Click Calling\Logs.