To dial using One Click Calling, follow these steps:


  1. Use the capture method you defined in Configuration.
    1. The application returns the Call popup.
  2. Optionally edit the number.
  3. Click Call.
    1. The application indicates that it is calling the number. 



  • If you attempt to capture a number that is the same number of digits as your extension, One Click Calling interprets it as an internal extension, captures it, and allows internal one click dialing.
  • If the number is a 10 digit number, any leading "+" will be stripped off, and a "9" and "1" will be added prior to passing on the 12 digit number (9, then 1, then 3 digits for Area Code, then 7 digits for the phone number) to silhouette. It also strips off any spaces, brackets, hyphens and periods in the number.