To view incoming call routing details, click Incoming Call Routing in the left menu. Your company phone numbers are listed in the Phone Number column.
For the Time of Day routing (Open, Closed, Lunch and Special), the destination for each phone number within your company is displayed as a telephone extension adjacent to the phone number. Call destination can be one of your company Auto Attendants, users, locations, or call groups.
For the Override routing, the telephone number (as it would be dialed from the default site of your company) to which calls are routed in the Emergency Override state is displayed.
For Business Hours, the name of the assigned Business Hours profile is displayed.

The company in this example can be reached by dialing 3109866484. This number is routing to an Auto Attendant throughout the day. The company administrator has configured incoming call routing for the other phone numbers as follows:

  • 8053570059 is dedicated to a single user at Extension 126. In an emergency override situation, the number will route to Extension 134. This was accomplished by routing this phone number to the user's Extension during all business hours, and routing the phone number to Extension 134 for the emergency override situation.
  • 8184806802 is configured so that it can be handled by a user during regular business hours, the company Auto Attendant during off-hours, and a Call Group during Lunch Hours. This was accomplished by routing this phone number to the users Extension (156) during "Open" business hours, to the Auto Attendant Extension (701) during "Closed", and a Call Group Extension (604) during Lunch hours.

If routing has not been set up for a particular business hours category, the routing information is blank.
If no routing destinations have been set up for a phone number, then the number will be in red font.
When Emergency Override is enabled, the main Incoming Call Routing page will show all the Time of Day call destinations (Open, Closed, Lunch, Special) as grayed out and the Override destination is displayed in bold.