UniVoIP WebConnect allows for inbound or outbound automatic screen pops to the URLs of your choosing.  The instant search result(s) will be based on the inbound Caller ID phone number, Caller ID name or both at the same time (which will be presented on separate tabs in your browser).  Results based on outbound calling will be based on the outbound phone number dialed.

For example, an inbound call is presented to you.  At this time, your default browser is automatically launched and a window appears showing the search result against the phone number or name from the inbound call. Two tabs will populate if you have chosen to search with both number and name.   It's the equivalent of a user launching their Web based CRM (Zoho for example), entering the inbound phone number (or name) into the global search field and pressing the enter key.

UniVoIP WebConnect works in conjunction with the UniVoIP App included in our OfficeConnect Business Edition Pro User License or in conjunction with the MiCollab Client included in our Office Connect Enterprise Edition Advanced, Power, Agent or Supervisor User License.