Please note: You can start and configure UniVoIP WebConnect at any time, however it will only launch your Webpage(s) if you are currently running the UniVoIP App or MiCollab on the same computer.

To start UniVoIP WebConnect: 

On your Desktop, locate the UniVoIP WebConnect icon and double-click it. UniVoIP WebConnect is now running.

To configure UniVoIP WebConnect:

Click on the up arrow located near the bottom right of your system tray, then right-click the UniVoIP WebConnect Icon and select "Show". This will make the interface appear.

FYI: the "Silence" option is there for when you wish to disable your existing pops.

This is the interface you will use to either select or enter the URLs that you would like to pop open on inbound calls, outbound calls…or on both.

Drop Down Menus:

Menu Name



Used for entering custom URLs to launch or to "silence" the pops. Also used for Exporting or Importing WebConnect Profiles


Used to take you to the UniVoIP Online Knowledge Base / Check for updates / Identify the UniVoIP URL Launcher software version in use

Tools drop down options.

Help drop down options.

To enter one or more custom URLs:

Select "Tools", then click on "Setting" as shown in the picture below.


The Setting Window will appear as seen below.

The Import and Export buttons can be used to share a profile with other users in your office.  Export the profile...give the exported file to other users (email / USB key etc)...they can Import the file in their WebConnect and have the same Websites available to them.

You can enter up to four of your own URLs in the User Websites section (User 1 – 4 on the drop down). We recommend these steps in creating a custom URL:

  1. Open up your browser and login to your CRM or navigate to the page you need to pop to if no login in required (example
  2. On the Webpage, enter any phone number into the search field and press search or the enter key
  3. Now copy the URL that appears in the address bar (after the search was initiated)
  4. Paste the URL that you just copied into one of the custom URL fields (User 1 perhaps)
  5. Within the pasted URL, replace just the phone number with "{CALLNUMBER}" …without the " "
  6. Click "OK"

If you are using any of the CRMs listed on the drop down menu under the Company Specific Websites section, enter the domain part of the URL that has been specified by that vendor for your company into the proper box, currently labeled as COMPANY. Click "OK" when you are finished.

Please note: The steps above are not necessary if you are using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Zoho, Timelybill or wish to have a Google search engine pop because there is no requirement to enter your company specific domain.