To Select the URL(s) that you wish to launch:

From the main interface, select the first URL by clicking on the down arrow in the top URL field. In this example, I have selected ZohoCRM.


Then select if the URL should launch on an inbound call, outbound call or both.


If inbound call is selected, select "Name", "Number" or "Both" under Search Type.


Then check off the box in the "Enabled" column to enable the pop.


Repeat this process if you would like to have more than one URL launched. The picture below shows ZohoCRM for inbound and Google for outbound.


The picture below shows ZohoCRM for both inbound and outbound calls.


The picture below shows ZohoCRM (searching by number) and Linkedin (searching by name) on inbound calls at the same time.


You can delete a selection by clicking to the right of the URL name and then selecting "Delete" as in the picture below.

Once a URL is launched, a small notification will appear in the lower right corner of your screen as seen in the picture below.

…and of course…a browser window will open up with the search result as seen in the picture below. In this example, the inbound caller's phone number was a match as a Lead in ZohoCRM.