Faxing in today's world involves several moving parts to complete your Outbound FAX

With our UniFax service, you are able to receive a delivery confirmation for each outbound FAX

After you send a FAX using UniFax Email or UniFax Physical you will get this delivery confirmation as a printout or email 

These settings can be adjusted by contacting UniVoIP's Support Team

There are two types of FAX Delivery Confirmation

  • Delivered
    • This went through to the other party, success!
    • If the other party advises that they did not receive your FAX but you received a Delivered Confirmation page
      • Please contact our Support Team and provide them with:
        • The Delivered Confirmation page
        • FAX example:
          • Date -
          • Time -
          • FAXing from # -
          • FAXing to # -
          • Additional Details - 
  • NOT Delivered
    • A Not Delivered FAX can be due to many things
    • This is an example of a FAX Delivery Unsucessful page
      • In this sheet you can see all of the information that is needed from the Support Team to properly investigate this FAX issue.
        Example from above -  
        • Date - 8/16/2023
        • Time - 10:55am PT
        • FAXing from # - 4239229996
        • FAXing to # - 3104243269
        • Additional Details - Error code 486 Busy
      • This example is telling us that when the FAX was sent the FAXing to # was responding with a busy tone and that is why the FAX was unsuccessful

Here is a list of FAX error Codes and their translation into normal language

Error CodeMessaging
200Successfully Completed
503No Circuits Available
486FAX Line is Busy
404Not Found
488Carrier Rejection
30209Voice Answered
28007Poor Line Condition

With any of these errors, you will want to follow these first troubleshooting steps to see if you can resolve this issue yourself:

  • Dial the FAX to # to see if you hear a FAX tone
    • this will tell you if you are attempting to send a FAX to an active FAX number
  • Verify power and connections from your FAX machine to your UniFax gateway
    • WAN port should be connected to an active network jack
    • Phone 1 should be connected to your FAX machine's Line Port
    • UniVoIP's Support Team can verify if they see your UniFax gateway online by calling 3103564811
  • Make sure you are using the area code for the full 10-digit FAX number
    • Most carriers require 10-digit dialing to complete FAX transmissions
      • Example: Send FAX to 3106228841, not 6228841
    • This should also be advised to your vendors that are going to send you FAXes as well
  • Inbound FAXes and delivery confirmations are delivered by donotreply@univoip.com
    • Check your junk/spam folder for missing inbound FAXes and delivery confirmations
  • Verify that your email address is authorized to send outbound FAXes
    • This can be verified with our Support Team by calling 3103564811
  • Make sure you are NOT sending "on behalf of" or using an alias email
    • This can be verified in the heading of your Outbound Email in your 'Sent' box
  • Send a test FAX to UniVoIP's Support Team
    • 3106228841

If you need any additional assistance with troubleshooting contact UniVoIP's Support Team and provide

  1. The FAX Delivery confirmation page
  2. The FAX/Call Example

Our Support Team will review your FAX issue and will identify, isolate, and resolve the issue