UniFAX is an optional fax solution for efficient, paperless and secure transmission of faxes. With UniFax you can entirely eliminate the delays and inefficiencies of paper-based fax processes.
Or if you would prefer to continue to use your existing physical fax machine, you can purchase or rent a fax gateway device that will allow your fax machine to communicate with a UniVoIP Data Center.
To add UniFax to your existing account, contact a UniVoIP account manager by calling 310-747-3232, option 1, then option 1.

Each UniFax account includes:

  • A fax phone number (you can move your existing fax number to our service if you wish)
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound faxing

How to send a fax:

  1. Start a fresh email from the email account that is associated with your UniFax account
    1. This is one of your email addresses, UniVoIP will not issue an email address
  2. Attach the document that will be whatever you are faxing

  3. Address to: faxnumbertosendto@unifax.email

    1. change "faxnumbertosendto" to the actual fax phone number that you need to send the fax to

  4. Send the email
    1. it will come out on the other end as an inbound fax to the fax phone number you sent it to. For example, if they are using a physical fax machine on the other end, then your fax will print out on their fax machine

How to receive a fax:

  • If paperless, inbound faxes will be pdf email attachments.  Just check your email
  • If using a physical machine, inbound faxes will print out on the machine as they are received

Email Fax Delivery Notice

You will receive an email verification as to the status of the fax transmission after each fax you send.