The Record A Call feature allows you to use the Voicemail system to record your telephone conversations on demand.

Please note: You may be required by law to inform the other party that you are recording the conversation. For specific instructions, consult your System Administrator.

Recording Using Softkeys

To begin recording while you are on a two-party call, press the Record softkey that appears on your phone's digital display screen.

Pausing or resuming recording during a call

To pause the recording press the Pause softkey.

To resume recording after pausing, press the Resume softkey.

Stopping the recording

To stop the recording without saving the recorded conversation, press the Stop and Erase softkeys.

To stop and save a recording, press the Stop and Save softkeys.


Recording Using Hard Keys


To begin recording a call using hard keys, press the Record key that your System Administrator has programmed on your phone.


Please note: Using hard keys with Record A Call, you can only start a recording session. Your System Administrator must enable auto-save in order for your conversations to be saved automatically when you hang up the phone. Consult your System Administrator for more information.


Placing a Call On Hold While Recording

  • Putting a call on hold during the recording saves the recording, and sends it to your mailbox.
  • Taking the call off hold starts a new recording session.


Listening to a Recording

To listen to a recorded conversation after the call has ended:

  1. Lift your handset.
  2. Access your voice mailbox.
  3. Follow the prompts to retrieve the recording, as you would to retrieve any regular voice message.



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