Interoffice Chat

Chat is instant messaging between you and your coworkers. You can chat one on one, or you can participate in a group chat where there are three or more coworkers involved.

There are two general ways to start a chat with a coworker:

  1. Hovering over a contact's Image Circle and clicking on the Chat Icon.
  2. Click Chat in the left navigation panel, then click on a previous chat stream or start one from scratch.

 Click the More Icon then New to start a new chat stream.


To start a new chat with more than two coworkers:

  1. Click Chat in the left navigation panel, then click the More Icon and click New.
  2. In the right panel, search and select the group chat members you want one by one.

  3. Click Done.

The Active Chat Panel

When participating in a chat, the right panel becomes the active chat panel.

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