MiTeam Guest Access

MiTeam Guest access allows people who are not licensed for MiTeam, from both inside and outside the company, to be invited to a Stream or Meet as guests.
The status information in the Stream participants list indicates if the participant is a guest user.


  • The version of the MiCollab Client used by the owner of the Stream or Meet must be 7.3 and later.
  • A user must have a MiTeam license to invite guests, but guests do not require a license.
  • Guest users can use all functions of a Stream, such as Chat, Pages, and To-do items.
  • Guest users cannot send invitations for Meets, open new Streams, or invite more users to an existing Stream.
  • To join the audio portion of the conference, guest users must dial-in to a Meet with the provided telephony numbers.
  • Guest users do not appear on the MiCollab Client contact list.

Invite an External Guest to the Stream

  1. Open the Stream that you want to invite a guest to.
  2. Use your mouse to fly in from the left on top of the Stream name, then click on the "Stream Information" Icon as seen in the image below.

  3.  Click on "+" to the right of Participants and enter the guest’s e-mail address. Then click on the "blue colored" email address and click "Done.
  4. The guest user receives an e-mail invitation with an URL to join the Stream from a web browser. This e-mail contains provisional login credentials.
  5. After logging in with the provisional credentials, the guest user is prompted to change the password.

Invite an External Guest to a Meet (when the guest is not currently a participant)

Click on the Meet seen above.

Click on "+" to the right of Participants as seen above.

Enter the guest’s e-mail address. Then click on the "blue colored" email address and click "Done" as seen above.

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