Add a Page

On MiCollab Web and Android Clients, you can add pages and collaborate with team members. When you are ready, share the page or invite people to chat about the content on the page. Any whiteboard content, notes, images, and videos that you add in chats also appear in Pages.

To Add a Page

  1. From the Streams screen, select the Stream you want to open.
  2. Tap Pages, tap the up arrow.

To Add a Note

  1. Tap Add File.
  2. Tap Note.
  3. Compose the note.
  4. Tap Done.

To Add a Whiteboard

  1. Tap Add File.
  2. Tap Whiteboard.
  3. Add content to the whiteboard.
  4. Tap Done.

To Add a Photo or Video from the Phone Gallery

  1. Tap Add File.
  2. Tap Gallery.
  3. Tap Choose Photo or Choose Video.
  4. Tap Done.

Note: In Web Client, click Desktop from the menu to share photos, videos, and other files on your desktop.

To Add a Web Link

  1. Tap Web and then tap the bookmark icon.
  2. Tap Done.


To Take a Photo or Record a Video

  1. Tap Add File.
  2. Tap Camera.
  • Tap Video to record a video and then tap the pause icon when finished recording. Tap Use Video to add it to the page.
  • Tap Photo to take a photograph and then tap Use Photo to add it to the page.

To Add a Folder

  1. Tap New Folder.
  2. Enter the folder name.
  3. Tap Done.

To Add Content to a Folder

  1. Tap the folder.
  2. Tap the up arrow.
  3. Tap add an image, add a photo from your phone, and add a Web link.

Please Note:  any of the files, pictures or other items that members have posted in the Chat Stream will be available in the Pages Area.


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