Your Status

Your "Status" is a textual indication of what you are currently doing.  Your coworkers can see your current status so they will know if you are available or not prior to reaching out to you.  You can select any of the built in statuses at any time or you can create custom statuses to use. You can also make a short, personal message (recommended to be 28 characters or less) that appears underneath your status regardless of the status you are using.


The built in statuses include:

  • Do not disturb
  • Gone for the Day
  • In a meeting
  • In the office
  • Mobile
  • Working from home

 To change your status:

From the Home Screen, bring the Status Control Panel (right panel) into view by pressing the small bar located near the bottom right. The color of the bar depends on if the Softphone is enabled or not. Green = Softphone is enabled. Red = Softphone is currently Disabled.

The Status Control Panel is shown below

Tap the "Availability" Drop Down Menu to select a new Status. The Personal Message Field is there in case you want to add a note that will show up under your Status for your coworkers to see.


Tap a Status to engage it and you can optionally add a comment.

Manage Your Status or Create a Custom Status

To manage a Status or create a custom Status, tap "Manage Status" located at the bottom of the "Availability" Drop Down Menu

Tap an existing Status you need to manage, or to create a custom Status tap the More Icon then tap "New".

Status Settings

You can configure up to six different parameters for each individual status:

  • Show my outgoing number (*Not applicable for Softphone calls)
    • Default
    • Deskphone
    • An External Phone Number
  • Send my calls to
    • To VM (6000)
    • My Ring Group
    • +Add New Number
  • When I am on the phone
    • Use PBX Default
    • MiCollab client Defaults
    • Voicemail
    • +Add New Number
  • If I do not answer
    • Use PBX Default
    • MiCollab client Defaults
    • Voicemail
    • +Add New Number

  • Enable Do Not Disturb
  • Accept Video Calls

The Edit Status Images are shown below