Home Screen with Launch Pad

The Home Screen is divided into two sections, the top section is the Launch Pad Area where you can add shortcuts, the bottom section is your Inbox that displays the most recent inbound and outbound activities.
You can tap on any item listed in the Inbox Area to bring up more information and functionality related to the item.
The type of shortcuts that you can create for the Launch Pad Area are:
  • URL Shortcut
  • Speed Dial Shortcut
  • Contact Shortcut
  • Stream Shortcut (only available for Power Users that have the MiTeam Add on license)

Tap on the More Icon (3 vertical dots) located in the upper right to create a shortcut for the Launch Pad Area.

I would like to create a shortcut so I can call UniVoIP at the tap of a button.  For this, I tapped "Add Speed Dial".

I filled in a Name and Phone Number, then I tapped "Save".
The image below shows that my UniVoIP shortcut is now available in the Launch Pad Area.

You can repeat this process to add your own shortcuts to your Launch Pad Area.