The Dialpad allows you to enter a number and place a call.
Built in Softphone: The Softphone can only be used if the Softphone is enabled prior to initiating the call. The benefit of using the Softphone is that the call will look like you placed it from your desk phone as if you were in your office.  The Softphone can be enabled from the option located in the right Panel (Status Control) of the interface.

To access the Dialpad, tap "Dialpad" in the Left Navigation Panel.

The Dialpad is shown in the image below.

The small colored bar near the bottom right is an indication of the Softphone being Enabled or Disabled. Green=Enabled / Red=Disabled

To make a call using the Dialpad
  1. Tap the digits you need to dial
  2. Tap the green Call Button located below the Dialpad
  3. On the Pop Up, tap your selection as to which dial tone you want to use for the call
    1. Native Phone = call will be made from your mobile device (Caller ID is your Mobile Device)
    2. MiCollab Mobile = call will be made from the built in Softphone (Caller ID is your office phone system)