Voicemail Settings Tab



UM Audio Encoding

Select the type of UM Audio Encoding to apply to Unified Messaging audio files:

  • ADPCM: (default) Microsoft audio encoding that can be enclosed in a WAV file. Offers smallest file size.

  • GSM 6.10: Audio encoding that supplies wider support for mobile devices. File sizes are slightly larger than ADPCM.

  • MP3: MP3 requires more processing power and much larger file sizes so it is not recommended if another encoding method works.


  • MP3 may result in poorer sound quality than the other audio encoding methods. Use MP3 only if ADPCM and GSM 6.10 cannot be played on your device, or if you are using a hosted/webmail web service such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

  • If your implementation includes the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10), you may use MP3 or GSM 6.10 but not ADPCM.

Standard UM Email Address

This field may be locked.

Enter up to three e-mail addresses and choose how to receive your voice messages (Audio Attachment, Audio Link, Web View Link, Text Notification).


  • If you choose the Audio Link option, listening to a voice mail from your email inbox will mark the voice mail as heard in your voice mail box.

Call Me Phone Number

Not Used (Disabled to prevent possible fraud by allowing outbound calls from the voicemail system)

Personal Attendant Number

Enter the telephone number or extension of the attendant for your mailbox. This field is optional.



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