The AWV Home Page

  1.  Home Button. Click to return to the Home Page.
  2.  Instant Conference Area.  Click "Start Conference" to begin an unscheduled conference.
  3.  One-Time Conference. Click to schedule a single conference.
  4.  Recurring Conference. Click to schedule a recurring conference.
  5.  Reservationless Conference.  Click to schedule a reservationless conference.
  6.  See My Conferences.  Click to view your future or expired conferences.
  7.  Verify Client. Click to test your computer and ensure you are ready to use the service.
  8.  Account Settings.  Click to view or edit your settings.
  9.  Usage Reports. Click to see your historical conferences.
  10.  Recorded Conferences. Click to view recordings of any conferences you have previously recorded.
  11.  Set Up a Conference Tab.  Click to schedule any conference type.



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