Set Up a Conference Tab

From here you can set up and edit a conference. You can set up and schedule a conference type to meet your specific needs. Select from the three conference types:

  • One-time conference: This conference type occurs once for the set date and has a set start time with a maximum duration of up to 24 hours. The access code is only used for this one conference.

  • Recurring conference: This conference type has a set start time with a maximum duration of up to 24 hours. The conference is scheduled to be on the set days, at the same start time and duration. The conference is scheduled for the next six months with the same access code used for every occurrence.

  • Reservationless conference: This conference type has a set start date and end date. The start time and duration are not set for this conference type. You can use the access code at any time, up to the scheduled end date.

Please note:

  • The default setting for Recurring and Reservationless conferences is six months.
  • Recurring conferences may be affected by Daylight Savings Time (DST), which could require you to change the scheduled conference start time.

To create a conference

  1. From the Set Up a Conference tab, click the link or button of the conference type you want to create.

  2. Complete the information on the conference form, and then click OK.

After you create an audio conference, you are given both leader and participant access codes. Send the participant access code to callers and keep the leader access code for yourself or your delegate.

The One-time, Recurring, and Reservationless conference forms include four panels. An error message appears if you do not complete the required information when you create or edit a conference:

  • Conference Details

    • Conference Type: Set a conference type from the list.

    • Conference Name: Type a name for the conference.

    • Start Date: Set a month, day, and year from the lists or, click  to set a start date from the calendar.

    • Start Time: Set the start time and time zone from the lists.

    • Duration: Set the hours and minutes for the conference duration from the lists.

     NOTE: This field does not appear for a Reservationless Conference.

    • Recurrence: Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly for the recurrence. Then select the scheduling options associated with the recurrence option you selected.

     NOTE: This field does not appear for a Reservationless Conference or a One-time Conference.

    • Conference Size: Set the number of participants including yourself that you plan to have attend the conference.

    • Published: Set this option to publish the conference to the Published Conferences area.

     NOTE: A password may be required for published conferences.

    • Specify Access Codes: Check this box to specify leader and participant access codes for a reservationless conference. These custom access codes can be three to five digits in length.

  • Billing Codes

    • Department: Set a department code one from the list if one is required.

    • Project: Set a project code one from the list if one is required.

  • Call Features

     NOTE: Only the Personal ID field is displayed for Web Only conferences.

    • Leader Required: Set this option to require a leader to join before the conference can start.

    • Join Muted: Set this option to have participants join the call on mute.
      As participants join the conference, they will hear the following announcement “Your audio is muted".
      You can hear the conference but cannot speak unless enabled by the conference leader.

      • Play to Participants only, not Leaders.

    • Roll Call: Set this option if you want the names of participants to be recorded and announced. When set, these additional options appear:

      • Play to All Participants.

      • Play to Leader Only.

    • Join, Leave Tone: Set this option if you want a tone to play when participants join and leave the conference. When set, these additional options are available:

      • Play to All Participants.

      • Play to Leader Only.

      • If  this option is unchecked, the application does not play a prompt to either the leader or participant.

    • Personal ID: Options to select if IDs are required and if those IDs require approval before joining a conference.

      • Personal IDs are required to enter the conference. Set this option if participants are required to enter their ID when they access either the web or audio conference.

      • Conference Access requires approval. Set this option if the leader also needs to approve each participant's Personal ID. This approval option must be set jointly with the first option above.

      • If no option is selected then the ability to enter an ID is available but not mandatory.

    • Duplicate Personal IDs: If selected, restrict duplicate Personal IDs on audio connections only.

  • Password Protection

    If your administrator has enabled the password requirement for published conferences, you will be required to enter a password.

    Caution: Password protection is strongly recommended for all published conferences. If a password is not set, the conference and any documents or recording associated with the conference are vulnerable to unauthorized access.

    The password must be 6 to 20 characters in length and must contain:

    • one lowercase letter

    • one number

    • and one special character (@#$%)

    • Conference Password: Type a conference password in the box.

    • Confirm: Type the conference password again to confirm it.

    • E-mail Password: Set this option to include the password in the invitation.

     NOTE: If you use a password and do not set this option, you must send the password to participants in a separate invitation.

    After setting a password for a Published conference, if you later clear the "Published Show this Conference in the Published Area" box, the password is still in effect. You must clear the password from the Conference Password field to remove it.

When you click OK, the Conference Details tab for the conference you just created appears and also displays Access Information.

  • Dial-in Numbers: to reach the conference

  • Access Codes: for both Leader and Participant

  • Invite Participants Using option: either Calendar or E-mail.

Change Invitation Settings link allows you to change your conference invitation preferences.


To view or edit a conference

  1. From the My Conferences Tab, the current conferences list will appear.

  2. Click the conference name to view details for that conference. The conference form appears.

  3. Click Change Details.

  4. Update the information, and then click OK to save the changes.


To view expired conferences

  • To view expired conferences, click the See Expired Conference link on the My Conferences tab. Once you view the expired conferences, click See available conferences to return to the current conferences.


Please note:

Each attendee can either be a Leader…or a Participant.  If you are a leader, use the Leader URL and the Leader access code.  Regular participants should use the Participant URL and the Participant access code.  The access codes are used for the audio if dialing in…the URLs are used for everything else….like screen sharing, chat, sharing your video or sharing files.  

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