We recommend every contact center utilize the following five reports as part of your daily management operations

The Top Reports

1. Voice Queue Performance by Period

The Queue Performance by Period report shows traffic level highs and lows, and the service level you provide at these times. Run this report each day and watch for trends in the traffic level, abandon rate, and service level.

 2. Voice Queue Group Performance by Queue

The Queue Group Performance by Queue report compares queues, and provides information on the performance of your entire contact center.

3. Voice Queue Group (Answer, Handle, Abandon) Spectrum by Queue

The spectrum reports provide valuable information on how contacts are dispersed in your contact center. You can configure answer, handle, and abandon thresholds, and describe the percent breakdown by time for:

  • Contacts Answered - Which contact waited in queue the longest before it was answered or opened? How quickly are most contacts answered or opened?

  • Contacts Handled - How many contacts were handled for the queue? What was the greatest duration for which a queue member interacted with a customer?
  • Contacts Abandoned - What was the number of contacts abandoned? How long did a customer wait before abandoning the contact?

4. Agent Group Performance by Period

The Agent Group Performance by Period report allows you to identify trends in agent group performance. This report tells you how many agents are logged on, and how an agent group's performance varies throughout the day.

5. Agent Group Event by Period (hh:mm:ss)

The Agent Group Event by Period (hh:mm:ss) report lets you compare the performance of agents who perform similar jobs. This report provides the shift time by agent, and a variety of contact counts and agent event counts, such as instances where agents were unavailable.

Do I need a Queue Report or an Agent Report?

Queue Reports provide details that

  • Describe the Service Level clients experience
  • Indicate your customers' perception of this service (for example, 'Average delay to abandon' statistics)
  • Provide customer demographics (for example, on tolerance to delays, and the time of day that clients contact the contact center)

Agent Reports provide details that

  • Describe agents' performance