Forecasting involves taking historical data generated by your telephone system and using it to predict future traffic volumes and patterns. Using forecasting reports, you can create forecasts based on historical contact center traffic volumes. You can perform 'what-if' scenarios, and optimize the balance between the agents scheduled and your Service Level objectives.


Forecasting with reports is limited to voice media servers. Forecasting with Ring Groups is not supported. Forecasting with email, chat, and SMS is available in the Forecasting tool included in Contact Center Client and Workforce Scheduling. The Forecasting tool enables exporting forecasts to Workforce Scheduling schedules. For more information, see the Forecasting and Workforce Scheduling chapters of the MiContact Center User Guide.

To forecast schedule requirements:

  1. Select a forecasting report in CCMWeb.
  2. Select a voice queue or queue group from which to load historical data.
  3. Specify modifications to the historical data if required.
  4. Specify Service Level objectives.
  5. Run the forecasting report.