Monthly Training:  Enterprise Edition Users

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, we will be broadcasting a live 30-min training on the OfficeConnect Solution. 

Next Training

Customer training sessions will return in 2019. Stay tuned!

Invitations & Confirmations

Look for a personal invite emailed to your inbox the week before training.  

Should you wish to be automatically registered for all training sessions, please forward aemail to marketing@univoip.com as well as any specific training requests you may have.


LIBRARY: More Training Videos

Click on the video icons below and learn how to customize your phone and leverage new features.



Enterprise Edition User Tips #1


  • Add your mobile number to your ring group

  • Configuring a 3-way call using MiCollab Desktop Client

  • Transferring directly to a voicemail box

  • Working with Contacts using MiCollab Desktop Client

  • Program a Twinning Key on your phone 

Enterprise Edition User Tips #2


  • Creating a new (custom) "Status" for your picklist
  • Creating Schedules for your Status
  • Viewing your Chat History
  • Web based (Browser) Softphone
  • Record a Call - On Demand
  • Customer Referrals

Enterprise Edition User Tips #3


  • Click to Call
  • Call Park & Retrieve
  • Group Park
  • Call Handoff - Desk to Cell / Cell to Desk
  • Device selection for triggered calls from MiCollab

Enterprise Edition User Tips #4


  • Dialing from a desk phone or MiCollab
  • How to Intercom
  • How to have specific callers go straight to your voicemail
  • "Meet Me" 8-Way Audio Bridge
  • How to add additional Line Appearances of your extension on your desk phone

Enterprise Edition User Tips #5


  • How to update your phone PIN number (Hot Desk password)
  • Program and use a Headset key on your phone
  • Program and use a Call history key on your phone
  • Program and use a Do Not Disturb key on your phone
  • How to Schedule an automatic MiCollab Status change using MiCollab Web