Upgrading to a new version of the Enterprise Salesforce Integration does not require re-installation of the product. When new versions are available, a Salesforce App Exchange wizard will guide you through upgrading your application. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the upgrade.

Note: To see the upgraded version of the application you may need to refresh your session by logging out and then logging back in to your Salesforce administrator account, or in some cases, closing and re-opening the browser before logging in again.

Upgrading to Enterprise Salesforce Integration

It is recommended not to use screen pop to a new tab in Salesforce Classic View; use the Screen pop Existing browser window option instead.

Using the CTI option in Salesforce to screen pop to a new tab creates a second instance of the Enterprise Salesforce Integration. This could lead to missing or duplicated entries in Salesforce, and a poor user experience. Instead, when training your agents to use the new Enterprise Salesforce Integration for Salesforce, train the agents to use Salesforce in Console mode.

Console mode is available in the following Salesforce licenses:

  • Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Service Cloud.
  • Performance and Developer editions with the Sales Cloud.
  • Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with the Sales Cloud (extra cost).

Running in Console mode may require additional configuration in Salesforce to optimize the console for ACD agent use. A sample console layout is available through Salesforce for testing.

If you do not wish your agents to use Console mode, users of OfficeConnect Enterprise Integration for Salesforce are encouraged to use and run from a single tab in Salesforce Classic View. However, a user does not consume additional licenses if they choose to open OfficeConnect Enterprise Integration for Salesforce in multiple tabs.

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