Install and configure the OfficeConnect Enterprise Salesforce Integration by completing the following procedures. The prerequisites and each procedure must be completed for the integration to be successful.

Note: The Salesforce solution must use HTTPS for all web services communication.


To simplify installing and configuring the OfficeConnect Enterprise Integration for Salesforce, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • OfficeConnect Enterprise Edition is configured and functional.
  • The IP address and Open Integration Gateway (OIG) instance of the OfficeConnect Enterprise platform has been provided by the provisioning team.
  • Telephone sets are programmed and functional for each user.
  • Each Salesforce user's extension number is known

To prepare Salesforce users:

  • If using Windows Authentication, then the e-mail address configured for the user in Salesforce must match the e-mail address that is configured for the Employee in MiContact Center YourSite Explorer.

Licensing is in place for:

  • OfficeConnect Enterprise Integration for Salesforce.
  • Salesforce licenses must be purchased directly from Salesforce.

Note: If there are problems with any of the licenses, the errors will be displayed to users.

  • The FQDN of the UniVoIP OfficeConnect Enterprise (OIG) server (UniVoIP will provide this)
  • OfficeConnect Enterprise Integration for Salesforce local password (UniVoIP will provide this)

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