Shared Devices


Shared devices are phones that are shared among multiple users in locations such as lobbies and offices. For example, a desk that is shared by office workers on different shifts with each worker having their own personal phone settings.



In the left Navigation Panel, click on "Shared Devices".

To add a shared device

  1.  Click the Add New button.
  2.  Fill in the fields and click Save.

 Please note: The MAC address is made up of 12 alphanumeric  characters located on the back of the phone. For example: 08-00-0F-00-00-10.

To change a shared device
  1.  Double-click device you want to edit.
  2.  Edit the fields and click Save.

To delete a shared device

  1.  Click the box to the left of the name of the device you need to remove.
  2.  Click the Delete button.



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