To start using OfficeConnect Business Edition Voicemail, you must first set up your mailbox with a passcode, name recording, and greeting. Your passcode is a 6 to 10 digit code that ensures that only you (or those you designate) can log into your mailbox and listen to the messages contained therein. Your name recording is simply your name and it is used when other subscribers are sending a message to you. Your greeting is what callers will hear when leaving you a message.  Voice prompts guide you through each of these steps.

To begin using OfficeConnect Business Edition Voicemail, press the Message button on your telephone to connect to the voicemail system and begin the initial setup of your voice mailbox. Use your initial passcode provided by UniVoIP

Recording your Name

You will first be asked to record your name. You can record your name or skip this step. If you skip this step, your phone number will be used as your name. If you choose to record your name, simply say it after the tone: "John Smith". OfficeConnect Business Edition voicemail plays back your name recording and asks if you want to keep or re-record it.

  • Press 1 to Keep your Name Recording
  • Press 2 to Change your Name Recording


Once you are satisfied with your name recording, you are asked to choose the greeting callers hear when they cannot reach you. You can record your own greeting or use the system greeting. If you choose to record your own greeting, OfficeConnect Business Edition Voicemail asks you to record it after the tone. It plays back your greeting after you record it and you have the option to keep the greeting or re-record it.

  • Press 1 to Keep the Greeting
  • Press 2 to Change the Greeting

If you choose the system greeting, callers will hear "You have reached {play phone number or name recording}, please record a message after the tone."


Once you have chosen your greeting, you need to change your passcode. Please ensure you keep your passcode private. It is recommended that you set this value to the same value as your UniVoIP Phone PIN in order to make it easier to remember. Select a 6- to 10-digit number for your passcode and enter those digits when prompted by the system. OfficeConnect Business Edition Voicemail repeats your passcode to confirm it.

  • Press 1 to Keep your Passcode,
  • Press 2 to Change your Passcode.

Your mailbox is now set up and ready for use. You can change your passcode, name recording or greetings at any time from any phone by selecting the User Options menu. Callers trying to reach you when you do not answer hear your recorded greeting and are able to leave you a message. You can check your messages and change your user options at any time from any phone.