When you are a Call Group member you can configure Group calls to ring your twinned device (if allowed by your administrator).

To twin Call Group calls, follow these steps:

  1.  Under Twinning on the My Call Handling page, check Activate Group Twinning.

     2.  In the Twinning column on the My Call Groups page, click to toggle the feature On for the groups in want to calls from to ring your twinned device.

  Click on "Off" to toggle the group Twinning to "On" for the groups you want. 

Please Note:

  • Only available for Broadcast, Hunt, and Rollover groups.
  • The twinning target only receives group calls when the group member is In Group and Group Twinning is On.
  • If you system administrator has not enabled the feature, N/A appears in the Twinning column.
  • When Call Forwarding is active, group calls are presented to logged-in devices and the twinned target, but not the forwarding target.
  • When active, DND or Deflect Call cancels all group call legs to the account (logged in devices and the twinning target) if you are allowed to join and leave groups.

Administrators can allow group Twinning on a per group basis by checking off the box shown in the image below: