The Mitel M695 can easily add 28 buttons to the existing Personal keys on a 6920, 6930 or 6940, enabling the MiVoice 6900 Series IP phones to become robust productivity enhancing desktop communication tools for users who need to monitor a large number of lines or Busy Lamp Fields. 

The M695 attaches easily to the 6900’s sidecar expansion port which provides power to the attached PKM(s) for a clutter free desktop. Up to three modules can be daisy-chained together to provide up to 84 programmable keys that can be
programmed with all of the same feature types available on the Personal keys of the base phone. The Mitel 695 Expansion Module has the following key features:

Phone Keys

Reference #



1Programmable Keys84 programmable softkeys
2PagesThere is a total of 3 pages. Each page consist of 28 programmable keys
3Connector Plates

Used to daisy chaining up to 3 PKM modules.


  • 3" 480x272 pixel color backlit LCD display
  • 28 programmable softkeys with LEDs per module. 3 modules can be combined to support a total of 84 keys
  • Programmable softkeys support advanced features such as Monitor Call, Monitor Phone, and Speed Dial
  • Can be daisy chained with additional M695 modules for a combined total of up to 3 expansion modules
  • Powered by the Mitel phone (no separate power adapter required)
  • Supported on the 6920, 6930 and 6940