Device Settings

Press to change your App Password or enter your Phone PIN Number


Press to toggle on or off either your OfficeConnect SIP (ability to make or take calls using the UniVoIP App)…or "Messaging" which is your ability to send or receive Instant Messages.


This is where most of your settings are found, including the ability to forward your business calls.

Advanced Settings

This is where you will find microphone and speaker gain controls, and be able to send troubleshooting data logs to UniVoIP.

About UniVoIP App

This is where you can see what version of the UniVoIP App you are using.

Account Status Icons for SIP (Softphone):


Means that...

The account is in the process of registering

The account is enabled and registered for incoming and outgoing calls

The account is enabled only for outgoing calls (Accounts > Account Advanced > Incoming Calls is turned OFF)

The account is disabled. You can enable the account; it will then automatically register

The account is enabled but registration failed. Check that you entered your account credentials correctly.

Account Status Icons for XMPP (Messaging):


Means that...

The account is connected to an XMPP server, and can be used to send and receive instant messages.

The account is disabled. You can open the account and enable it; it then automatically connects.

The account is enabled but it isn't connected. To connect, open the account and tap Connect.
If you don't want to use an account, disable it rather than disconnecting. If you leave the account disconnected (instead of disabled) it automatically connects the next time you start


Device Settings




Press to enter your current Phone PIN Number

Device Logs

Press to view your device logs

Device Management

Press to view the devices currently linked to your UniVoIP App profile

Change Password

Press to change your UniVoIP App Password

Log Out

Press to Log Out of the UniVoIP App









Run in Background

ON to receive calls while APP is in the background.

Incoming Call


Play Ringtone

ON to hear the ringtone.


ON to vibrate when a call is received.

Alert Answer

ON to answer calls immediately when running in the background, OFF to accept or reject.

Alert Missed

ON to see a missed call alert when running in the background.

Allow answer on Lockscreen

ON allows you to answer without unlocking your iPad.


Set to the desired ringtone.

Call in Progress


Background Image

You can set the background image for when you are on calls.


Contact Image

ON to display a photo of your contact during your call.

Auto Record Calls

This records all calls incoming and outgoing.

Mobile Call Intercept

When you receive a mobile call while already in a VoIP call, the incoming mobile call puts the VoIP call on hold. You won't be able to speak to the person in the VoIP call until you answer or decline the incoming call. OfficeConnect can play feedback to the person who is put on hold without any notice. Silence: plays nothing. / Tones: plays beeps every 5 seconds to the person on hold. / Announcement: plays an audio message to the person on hold in English, "Your call has been interrupted by an incoming mobile call. Please wait for the other party to return."

Phone Number


Single Touch to Call

ON to place a call after tapping the number (no confirmation pop up).

Show URI Domain

ON displays the domain after the phone number if available.

Client-Side Call Forwarding


Forward Calls

ON to send all incoming calls to a specific number. If UniVoIP App is enabled and registered, incoming calls are forwarded to this phone number.

To Number

The number to forward calls to when Forward Calls is on.





Enable IM & Presence

ON to enable IM and Presence on UniVoIP App.

Alert Sound

ON to play a ringtone when you receive a new message.

Alert Vibration

ON to vibrate when you get a new message.

Private when Locked

ON to hide message content from notifications.

Alert Text Tone

The ringtone for incoming messages.




Video Calls


Enable Video

ON to make video calls on UniVoIP App.


Send Landscape

When ON, your video will be forcibly sent in the landscape orientation. This is a compatibility mode for older devices that cannot render video in the portrait orientation. Use as an exception. The default is OFF.


Video Quality

Automatic: Recommended. Let UniVoIP App select the best quality to use in a given situation.
Low (QCIF): Quarter Common Intermediate Format uses 176 horizontal pixels and 144 vertical lines. QCIF transfers one fourth the amount of data and consumes less memory than CIF.
Standard (CIF)
High (VGA)
HD (720p VP8 only)


Login Control


Auto Login

ON to automatically login to UniVoIP App when it's started.


Advanced Settings




Application Logging


Verbose Logging

Leave OFF unless Customer Support instructs you to turn it on to troubleshoot a problem.


Send Log

Tap to upload the current Log to Customer Support