Extensions and Routing Overview

This is the section of the web portal where Extensions and custom call distribution methods (ACDs) are defined. 

On the Extensions sub-menu, Administrators select which silhouette extensions are eligible to answer Queued calls and give those extensions permission to view and edit items in this portal.

On the Inbound Voice Queues sub-menu, Administrators build and maintain the actual Voice Queues. This page is rich in features, allows the assigning (and reassigning) of Agents within Queues, and is the place where Hold Treatments are customized for each Queue.

With the Menus sub-menu, Administrators give power back to the caller. Menus listen for the DTMF digits the caller presses on their telephone key pad. Based on those digits, the caller can be redirected to any other ACD or silhouette extension. Menus function similarly to silhouette Auto Attendants except ACD Menus are offered to callers waiting in Queue.

On the Conditional Routes sub-menu, Administrators build and maintain rules for routing calls based on schedule, current callers in Queue, and calling number. This tool is used to send calls to the right place at the right time.