As an optional add-on to OfficeConnect Business Edition Pro Users, UniVoIP is proud to offer integration with


How can it help you?

Maximize relationships with customers and prospects with OfficeConnect CRM Connector for Salesforce.  The application seamlessly integrates the OfficeConnect cloud-based phone system with Salesforce so that your employees can instantly see who is calling and be better prepared to assist them.  Employees can optimize customer interactions and enrich customer data be taking notes while on a call and tagging calls with customizable Call Results.  With this integrated application, you will never miss a chance to close a new deal or provide superior service.

The application also helps you streamline workflows and boost productivity.  Employees can click-to-dial any phone number, use the dial pad within Salesforce, or use their OfficeConnect desk phone to instantly connect with contacts.  This helps your staff improve efficiency and avoid miss-dials.



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