Using this feature, the administrator can view and make changes to phones in the company's inventory, including assigning and unassigning users and locations from their phones.

When a phone is associated with a user or location, the user or location call permission profile determines which types of calls can be placed from the phone. When a phone is not associated with a user or location, the phone uses the default call permissions profile, "Unassigned", to determine the outbound call permissions.
To view or modify phone details, follow these steps:

  1. Expand Company Settings and click Phone Inventory in the left menu.
  2. Label -  Modify the label if required. The label is used to identify the phone and has a default value corresponding to the MAC address of the phone.
  3. Assigned User/Location - Select a user or location from the list to assign the user or location to the phone if required.
  4. Phone Name - Device Model
  5. Site - Location the phone is registered to or status
  6. Identifier - MAC Address by default
  7. Reset Phone - This will power cycle the device. 
  8. Click Save.