Account Settings

  • Account Name: UniVoIP
  • Username: Extension Number
  • Password: Extension Phone PIN
  • Authentication Username: Extension Number
  • Use Outbound Proxy: Yes
  • Outbound Proxy:
  • CallerID Name: Firstname Lastname

Audio Codec Settings

  • Voice Codec Recommended: g711
  • Voice Codec Supported: g711, g729
  • Any and all other voice codecs must be disabled


g729 is a low bandwidth codec that is best suited to run over low speed 3g mobile networks. g711 is a higher bandwidth codec that is best suited for wired Ethernet, WiFi, and mobile 4g networks. g711 will provide the best voice quality, but it will be at the cost of higher bandwidth usage. Some softphone clients allow the selection of codecs allowed per network type. If you are unsure of which codec to select, g729 offers a good balance between bandwidth usage and quality. If overall sound quality is top concern, use g711.

Video Codec Settings

  • Video Codec: None

Network Settings

  • Registration Expiry Time: 120
  • Transport type: UDP
  • Port: 5060
  • STUN: Disable
  • NAT Traversal: Server Managed


  • Type: RFC-2833
  • DTMF Payload: 101

Supported Networks

  • Internet or Private


  • Subscribe for MWI AFTER Registration


  • Supported Presence: SIP BLF (RFC 4235 - dialog package)
  • Not Supported: Subscribe for Presence, Publish Presence.


  • 3-6 digits extension calling
  • 9+ 10 or 11 digits local/national
  • 9+ 011 international
  • Dial Voicemail: *98