Emergency Call Alert provides an email notification when a subscriber dials an emergency class of service, such as 911.
To configure Emergency Call Email Contacts, follow these steps:

  1. Expand Company Settings and click Business Details in the left menu.
  2. Enter email addresses in the Emergency Call Email Contacts field.

Email addresses are delimited by spaces, semi-colons or colons.

      3. Click Save.

When a subscriber dials an emergency class of service, the system sends an email with the following subject and body:

Emergency Call Attempt

An emergency call was dialed from

Service provider: Telco
Tenant name: tenant 1
Site name: site 1
Site address: 1 Hines, Ottawa, ON, H0H0H0, Canada
Caller's name: John Smith
Caller's extension: 100
Caller's device MAC: 08:00:0f:70:c8:69
Caller's device IP address:
Digits dialed: 96132802012