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  1. Go to and click on the [Login] button on the upper, right-hand side of the screen.

  2. Next click on the [Log In] button under “Account Management”

  3. Enter the Account ID, User Name, and Password

    1. Please contact your local Administrator or Billing Department for login credentials

  4. Once you log into the Portal you will want to select “Tickets” in the upper Menu Bar

  5. Existing Support Tickets will be displayed to View or Update. You can also [Add Ticket].

  6. Please fill out the appropriate information below to [Add Ticket]

  7. Scroll down to [Add Note] for the Ticket that provides details of the issue (Incident) or request (Support).

  8.  Enter the details of your Ticket in the note area and press [Add Note]

  9. Press [Add Ticket] to Complete Your Ticket

  10. Your Ticket will generate a Ticket Number which could be found at the top of your Ticket. Please reference the Ticket Number when following up.

  11. Now your Ticket will show up in the list of your UniVoIP Support Tickets





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