Welcome to the OfficeConnect Business Edition Extension Call Recording homepage.  Extension call recording is an available add-on to the OfficeConnect Business Edition service.

Thinking of adding this service to your account?  If so, please follow these steps prior to placing your order:

  1. Identify which of the business's phone numbers will be eligible for recording.

  2. Pick the time zone.  Your business may span multiple time zones. To avoid confusion, all of the data collected and presented by OfficeConnect Extension Call Recording is based on a single time zone that you choose before the service is first turned up. Time stamps shown in the call details are all relative to that time zone regardless of where the calls came from or where they were answered.

  3. Identify at least one CR Admin. Please note: There is a monthly fee for each admin license.

  4. Identify which of your OfficeConnect extensions will be marked for recording.

  5. Contact the UniVoIP Account Management Team to place your order.

    1. 310-747-3232, option 1, then option 1

Already subscribed to this service...and you are a designated call recording admin (CR Admin)?  If so, please use the links below to learn how to use the web based call recording interface.